• What We Do

    What We Do

    Established in 2006, Hothead Technologies is an award winning company focused on creating an innovative approach to business through technology.

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  • Featured Product

    Featured Product

    We have created the smartest fitness monitor ever. Paired with its intelligent app, the Spree headband monitors your heart rate, movement and for the first time- body temperature.

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  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Meet the award winning team responsible for changing the way we use technology. These pioneers are devoted to the integration of performance, innovation and safety.

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Expert Opinions

“Fitness and heat tolerance go hand and hand.”

Joel B. Mitchell, Ph.D, Professor of Exercise Physiology at TCU

What’s New

  • Spree Fitness Monitor

    The smartest fitness monitor available. This innovative product was designed with you in mind. Spree’s advanced technology simultaneously monitors your heart rate, movement and body temperature comfortably from your forehead. Additionally, the Spree’s sleek water resistant design made from silicone rubber, can help channel sweat from your eyes. Customize your workout experience and find your optimal performance zone with Spree’s smart performance app. While you exercise, the Spree fitness tracks your  biometric information and streams it to your smart phone app using Bluetooth Smart technology. Since you can view an analysis of your progress in real time, your fitness goals become …

  • H.O.T. System

    The revolutionary H.O.T. system,which stands for HEAT OBSERVATION TECHNOLOGY, is a portable, two- component package that collects body temperature inside the helmet of an individual, making it a vital tool for heat-related injury prevention. The H.O.T. system uses the heat sensor inside helmets used for military, public safety (firefighters, SWAT), HAZMAT, industrial, and racing. Information from the helmet sensor is transferred to a cloud based database, where you can update personnel information, modify system settings, create events and generate various reports. If skin temperature levels rise or fall outside of the set parameters, an alert will be displayed on a wireless port. This allows …